Natural Green Burials

Natural Green Burials 

Glenwood Cemetery is now licensed to offer Green Burials in a natural forest within the cemetery. This separate section is specially designed to permit human remains to be returned to the earth as naturally as possible.

What is a natural burial? 

Natural burial, or green burial, is the act of burying the body as naturally as possible in the earth. It is the most eco-friendly manner of caring for our deceased.

The un-embalmed body is placed in a biodegradable casket or shroud and buried without a vault so decomposition can occur. Above ground, the land is restored to its natural habitat, and individual tombstones are replaced with a communal marker. 

A CBC News Article about Glenwood’s Natural Green Burial area:

Back to earth | CBC News

Why people love the idea: 

Your final act is giving back to the earth. With green burial, your body naturally decomposes, allowing the nutrients from your body to contribute to the earth’s renewal.

Your final resting place is among nature. In the summer wildlife thrives, and in the winter the snow brings calm. This image brings immense comfort to those who would like to rest in nature, and for their family and friends who can visit in this serene setting. 

A natural burial does not pollute. It is apparent how polluting a conventional burial is, with the hardwood and metal caskets, vaults and bodies embalmed using the toxic formaldehyde. 

A natural burial embraces a traditional approach. Remove the embalming fluid, casket, and concrete, and you’re left with a burial closer to what our grandparents’ grandparents would have considered normal, and some faiths still practice today. 

Your presence in the ground protects the land forever. Once a body is buried, it is essentially acting as a permanent security guard, ensuring that no one can build on the beautiful forest habitat. 


Natural burials and funerals

Whether is be big or small, religious or secular, a ceremony is absolutely compatible with green burials. A service may be held before or after the burial, at a place of worship, funeral home, family home, or even outdoors at the burial site.


Tell Your Family!

If you are interested in a green burial, the most important step is to share your wishes with your family or friends. It can be a difficult conversation, but your family will be glad to know that they are fulfilling your wishes.

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