Making Arrangements

At Need or Immediate Need Arrangements

Unfortunately, the loss of a loved one is something we cannot predict. If a family has not made pre-arrangements at the cemetery, this is termed an “at need” or “immediate need” situation. If you have lost a loved one, the Glenwood Cemetery is here to help. Our goal is to help you decide what your needs are and provide solutions that will work for you. We will guide and assist you step by step as you make interment arrangements to honor your loved one.

Perpetual Care Services Arrangement in Prince Edward County

Ultimately it is each individual’s choice whether to be buried or cremated. Glenwood provides different options: Traditional full-casket Burial with or without a vault, Green Burial, Cremation Burial in-ground or above ground in a Columbarium niche or a Scattering of ashes in the memorial forest.

Burial Optons

With its urban park-like setting, Glenwood is a beautiful property with many acres of land still available for traditional graves and burials. Click here to learn more about the range of burial options available.

Cremation Options

Click here to read more about the range of cremation options available, or contact us today to discuss.

Cremation In Ground Interment

In keeping with the increasing demand for cremation a new flat marker section was developed around the Cook Fountain to accommodate the burial of cremated remains. Each lot allows the interments of two urns.

Columbarium Niche

The graceful, granite structure of the columbarium provides an enduring, secure memorial to past lives. A new 48-niche columbarium is now available at Glenwood to accommodate the growing requests for cremation interments. Each niche can accommodate two urns and each niche panel can be engraved with a memorial inscription and the person’s name.

Private Two Niche Family Columbarium

Cremation Benches

Scattering Ground

For those who wish to have their ashes scattered in a more nature setting, we offer this option in our scattering ground in an old growth forest.  Covered in natural ground-cover and beautiful wild flowers like “Jack in the Pulpet” growing in the shade of majestic trees this is truly a place for peace and reflection.

Stone Chapel Rental

The limestone chapel in the centre of Glenwood Cemetery is a designated historical site, and is the perfect setting for a celebration of life ceremony, private services, weddings, workshops, and other special events. You can book the chapel for your occasion by contacting the office.

Cemetery Receiving Vault

The vault is another building on the cemetery grounds with historical designation. It was built in 1873, the year the cemetery opened. Glenwood can not conduct winter burials because of its steep hillsides so the vault is used as a resting place over the winter months to await spring interments.

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