Traditional Burials
Glenwood Cemetery is an active cemetery. There are many options for in-ground burials. Single and double traditional graves are available for full casket and cremation burials. The option of combining cremation interments with existing plots is also possible.

Single Traditional Lot
The beautiful, serene Victorian setting with its rolling hills still has many single graves available throughout the cemetery.

Double Traditional Plot
Double graves are still the most popular choice, intended to accommodate side-by-side casket interments. A plot of this size will typically allow for a larger upright headstone.

Cremation Interments
In keeping with the increasing demand for cremation, there is a new section around the Cooke Fountain to accommodate the burial of cremains. The columbarium and scattering ground are also available at Glenwood for above-ground resting places.

Children’s Area
A peaceful, quiet, and easy to access section of the cemetery has been set aside for the burial of children.

Veterans’ Section
Glenwood cemetery has a large Veterans’ section designated to honour service men and women. Lots are still available and we would be honoured to have you chose our Veterans’ section as a final resting place.

At a Time of Loss, Contact Us
In your time of loss, please contact our professional staff for information regarding all our cemetery perpetual care services and they will guide you through the options step by step. During this stressful time our staff will help you with the final arrangement for your loved one and ensure that you are comfortable with your decisions.

Pre-planning, Contact Us
Making arrangements ahead of time takes the pressure off at a time of loss. Please contact our professional staff who will assist you regarding all concerns or questions you may have with the pre-planning of your final resting place.

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Contact Glenwood’s office at 613-476-3511 or email info@GlenwoodCemetery.ca